8 Steps to Home Ownership

Step 1:  Are you Ready?
It's a big decision.  Be sure the timing is right for you!

Step 2:  Get yourself a REALTOR®
Your agent does more than just show you homes.  It's your agent that will help you negotiate a fair price or win a bidding war.  Be sure to work with someone that you connect with, because they will be your tour guide along the path to your future.

Step 3:  Get Loan Preapproval
Talk with your bank of choice to get a jump start on securing your mortgage.  A savvy seller will only accept an offer from a preapproved buyer.

Step 4:  Choose a Home
Be selective, but be prepared to move quickly when the right one comes along.

Step 5:  Make an Offer
Meet wiht your agent and put it in writing!  Be sure to have money in your checking account to include a deposit worthy of your serious offer.

Step 6:  Inspect and Protect...yourself!
Consider having a professional home inspection on your new investment.  Consult with your REALTOR® on how to make your offer contingent upon its results.

Step 7:  Take it all the way to the bank!
...the signed and accepted offer, that is!  This is the point where your lender will help you move forward with your purchase.  The appraisal is typically done at this point.

Step 8:  Closing Time
Choose an attorney or closing agency to take care of your legal matters.  On your closing day, you'll receive the keys to your new home!